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It’s an amazing floating platform that is located half a mile away from the coast. Our dolphins, manta rays and sharks are waiting to meet you!

Yes, pregnant women are not allowed to join this activity.

Everyone who is at least 3’ (90 cms) tall can join at least one of the programs. Family Experience Program: Minimun height 90 cms/ 35,43 inches. Dolphin Action Program: Minimun height 110 cms/ 43,03 inches. Royal Swim Program: Minimun height 120 cms/ 47,24 inches.

All of our activities must be booked in advance. Our advice: do it even before starting your holidays in Punta Cana.

Our typical ‘guaguas’ (Caribbean buses) will pick you up at your hotel and will take you to our private beach. Do not forget to consult the timetables in your hotel lobby.

We comply with the AMMPA (Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums) guidelines and rules, as our goal is to ensure the safety of both our visitors and our friendly dolphins.

Have a look at our Recommendations section.

Due to safety reasons and in order to guarantee the well being of our animals cameras are not allowed on the in the swimming area. Our professional photographers will be there, though: you can purchase your feature when you finish the activity.

Dolphin Island Park, as well as the rest of the Group, develops several breeding programs (of dolphins and other endangered species). Your visit enormously helps the success of these programs!